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power assisted steering

You will be asked to show or explain how you would check that the power assisted steering is working before starting a journey.

What is power steering?
All modern cars now have power assisted steering and it is a system whereby the steering of the wheels on the road is assisted, via a hydraulics system, by power from the engine. The difference between an older vehicle without power steering and a morden one with it is far more noticeable at very low speeds.

How do I check that it is working?
You will soon know if it isn't! But by applying gentle pressure to turn the wheel as you start the engine you should be able to feel it kick in when the wheel gives slightly as the engine is started. Another way is to steer just after moving away at a very low speed. It will feel extremely heavy if there is a problem and you must not drive the vehicle. Instead have it towed to a garage to have the problem rectified.

It is very rare for power assisted steering to fail and it has never happened to any of the cars I've ever driven. It is also a closed system and you do not need to check fluid levels as you do with the brakes. It is only important that you do understand how to tell if it fails and that you understand that you must not attempt to drive the vehicle in that condition.

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