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topping up windscreen washer reservoir

You will be asked to identify where the windscreen washer reservoir is and to explain how you would check the windscreen washer level.

You should familiarise yourself with where the windscreen washer reservoir is under the bonnet because you will often need to top it up. It should appear as a large, clear plastic tank with either a blue or clear plastic lid. The lid should also be labeled with either words saying "Screen Wash" (or similar) or a symbol of a windscreen with two spurts of water. Make sure you do not get it confused with the radiator overflow tank. This could be a costly mistake! There will be a maximum marker but the level will drop well below this and completely out of sight long before you need to add more fluid.

Also on most cars there is no warning light to let you know that the level is getting low so the best thing is to top it up to the maximum marker every week during your weekly vehicle checks.

It is a good idea to add a windscreen washer additive during the winter months to prevent it from freezing. The rest of the year you can just use water if you prefer but the additive will give you more cleaning power all year round.

Not many people realise that it is illegal to be driving a car without washer fluid in the reservoir. However, apart from staying legal, you really don't want yourself suddenly needing to be able to clear your screen and finding that you are unable to so best to make sure it is topped up on a regular basis.

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