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How long have you been a fully qualified ADI?

A legitimate instructor won't mind this question at all and should let you know if he/she is still a training PDI. Bear in mind though that a bogus instructor could easily lie in reply to this question.

Still remember to look for thier licence on display when your insturctor turns up for the lesson and if you have serious doubts during your converstaion you could ask for their instructor number. This is a number on the licence that remains the same no matter how long the instructor has been working and you could verify this by calling the DVSA on 0115 936 6051.

Is it a driving school rather than an independant ADI?
In this case it is a good idea to ask:

Will the instructor call me before my first lesson?

Having to settle for not even having the opportunity to talk to your instructor before meeting him/her is not a good start. Although it makes sense for a receptionist to arrange your lesson you should be able to expect the instructor to give you a call for a chat before your first driving lesson.

Will I have the same instructor for all of my lessons?

Although all fully qualified ADI's should all be setting out to teach you the skills that you need to have a long, happy and safe driving career and to pass the DVSA driving test; we are all individuals and different instructors will have different teaching styles. For this reason and also because you will be building up a rapport with your instructor (if this isn't possible you should be looking for another one), it is important that you have all your driving lessons with the instructor you are familiar with. Some driving schools may not ask if you are happy to have another instructor take a lesson if your instructor is ill and you will just find a strange instructor turning up on your doorstep!

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