learner driver advice - instructor qualification

The majority of learner drivers are not even aware that an instructor needs to be qualified and on the DVLA register in order to take payment of any kind in exchange for giving driving lessons let alone that instructors are regularly checked by the DVLA.

Note: If you see the term "Fully Qualified Instructors" in advertising be aware that ALL instructors must either be fully qualified or partially qualified with a pink badge on display in order to legally teach driving skills in exchange for payment.

what to do if you suspect that an instructor is operating illegally

If you cannot see an ADI licence on display and are not satisfied that an instructor is in fact qualified, either don't start or immediately stop paying them for lessons until they can provide you with evidence of their qualification.

If genuine, they will immediately supply you with the evidence which you can check out using the phone number below.

If they are not, they will probably run but you should then make sure that you report them to the DVSA by calling 0115 936 6051 during office hours with as much information as you have about them. Don't just let them continue taking other peoples money illegally for substandard and possibly dangerous tuition!
To report a suspected unqualified
instructor call the DVSA on:
0115 936 6051
Keep yourself and others safe
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