learner driver advice - buying your first car

The internet is a handy place to look for your first car or information on it whether you are looking for a new one or a second hand one but I am not putting any links to car sales sites here as not having used any of them myself I would not be able to recommend one over another. I would, however recommend that if you find a car on one of the online car sales sites that you also do a search for reviews of the company concerned as these can be a good pointer as to whether the company is reputable or not.

I do recommend that you check out the following links for some very useful advice on buying a car:

AA - Some VERY useful advice from the AA

Directgov - Some more useful help from the Government on buying a used car

WHATCAR? - Another source of advice about buying a car

These links also appear on my 'links' pages but I have also placed them here for convenience.

Check them out and make good use of the information to ensure you don't make a costly mistake!
Happy Motoring!
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