learner driver advice - finding a good driving instructor

A good instructor should be able to provide you with:
  • help and advice for the Theory Test;
  • training to equip you for the 'Show Me Tell Me' part of the driving test;
  • a well structured and personally tailored course of driving lessons leading to the Practical Test;
  • a progress record to enable you to see where you are and what still needs further practice;
  • the 'Pass Plus' course and/or other post test training designed to ensure your confidence;
  • a range of refresher training as well as motorway tuition and basic car maintenance sessions;
  • help with any post test concerns either by means of free advice or a short course of tuition;
  • the knowledge to point you towards the associations and road safety charities that may benefit you.
But which driving instructor do you go for? In order for you to get the most out of your driving lessons you will need to feel comfortable with your driving instructor. If you start your driving lessons with an instructor that you find you don't feel comfortable with, the first thing you should do is to open up and discuss your problem in order to give him/her a chance to put things right.

It can happen that you have what seems to you to be a huge concern with your instructor being totally unaware of how you are feeling. Once in the know he/she should be able to tailor the tuition to be more in tune with your needs. If however, you feel you can't do this, or you try it and it doesn't work, you must be prepared to change to another driving instructor. It's very important that you feel relaxed during your course of driving lessons in order for learning to effectively take place. And that is what you are paying for.

A recommendation from friends, family or acquaintances is a good place to start but when you contact the instructor ask a few well placed questions (click here for some ideas to base your questions on) and do make sure you get to talk to the driving instructor before you meet. Don't settle for a receptionist booking your appointment and the instructor not even bothering to call you before your first lesson. Speaking with your potential instructor will help you judge whether you are likely to get on well with him/her and may give you an idea of what style of tuition you might expect.

I wish you good luck in finding the right driving instructor for you and hope that you enjoy your driving lessons. Oh and if you live in my area make sure you don't forget to call me too!
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