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The theory test needs to be passed in order for you to be able to book a driving test. For this reason, the earlier the theory test is taken the better. But this said, you will be missing out a great deal by sitting the theory test before starting your driving lessons with a qualified Instructor. The reasons for this are:
  • Your experience on the road will help in general to reinforce the theory;
  • This will help you to retain more of the theory information;
  • Your studies for the theory test will help reinforce what you are learning in the car;
  • A qualified instructor can help with any problems you may encounter with your theory test preparation;
  • You will get real experience of the hazard perception skills necessary on the roads;
  • Improved hazard perception skills will go a long way to making you a safer and more confident driver.
So the most efficient way, for any learner driver, would be to start to study for the theory test using the Driving Standards Agency's own study aids prior to starting your driving lessons and then to revise and get the benefit of your driving instructors expertise and the practical experience of what you are learning on the road before sitting the actual theory test.

recommended study aids - driver and vehicle standards agency materials

There are a lot of books on the shelves for learner drivers but I recommend, in the main, sticking to those published by the DVSA. It is after all the DVSA who have set the tests and DVSA trained examiners who test you. After you have passed both the theory test and practical test there are other books that I recommend.

my study aid recommendations for the theory test
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