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Do you use a progress report sheet?

This helps greatly with the learning process, helping to motivate you towards reaching test standard.

Being able to see where you are within the whole process means that (although no instructor can ever tell you exactly how many more lessons you will need) YOU will know how much more is to be covered before you are ready for your driving test. You may decide to increase the frequency of your driving lessons or to have longer lessons.

You will also be able to see if having a break (if you go away on holiday) has had a detrimental effect or not. Quite often it can have a positive effect. With the progress report you will know where you were before the break and will be able to see if the break has had any effect and if so whether it has been positive or negative.

Remember that if your instructor is using a progress report sheet that you need to keep it safe and bring it to every lesson to be updated. It is important that you have as great a degree of responsibility towards your learning as is possible. Keeping your progress sheet and reading up on new topics to be covered will mean that learning will be more effective and so will save you money as you will need less driving lessons than you would if you take a less active role in the learning process.

Your instructor may well have devised his or her own progress report sheet but if you start your lessons and don't see one you can download the DVSA's driver's record, print it off and ask your instructor to fill it in for you at the end of each lesson.

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